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Bicycle Shipping Containers

Packing and Preparation for TransportationCardboard BoxesHard, Reusable Shipping Containers

All bicycles must be properly disassembled and boxed in an appropriate shipping container to be shipped (including all shipping carriers and almost all long distance public transportation carriers).

  • Click Here for more information about shipping carriers.
  • Click Here for more information about long distance public transportation carriers.

When purchasing a bicycle shipping container, you should pay particular attention to its dimensions and how they compare to the standard and oversize shipping dimensions and charges of the different shipping carriers.

Your shipping container may be scuffed up or damaged in transit due to normal wear and tear.

Packing and Preparation for Transportation
It is very important to make sure your bicycle is packaged properly so nothing is damaged in transit and to help ensure your bike can be quickly and easily be reassembled and is ready to ride before the start of the event!

Using sleeping bags or soft clothing as padding works great and frees up room in other baggage!

Items NOT to Pack
You should not pack any items that are loose or could become loose in transit such as your computer, water bottles, saddle pack, skewers, etc. These items can fall out of the shipping container or move around and damage other things, and should be carried in your baggage instead. In addition, it is not safe to ship your helmet because if it gets hit in transit you would not know if it still has the ability to protect your head in an accident.

Packing these items in your baggage beforehand will also make the process of preparing your bicycle to be transported aboard our transportation services easier. This is because we require that you remove all loose items from your bike that could easily fall off or get lost, damaged or mixed up in transit and store those items in your baggage before we will load your bicycle onto our moving truck.

  • Click Here for more information about our bicycle transportation means.

Restricted Items
It is very important that your shipping container does not contain any items that are regulated or restricted by the shipping carrier, especially airlines. Make sure to check their list of regulated or restricted items before you pack in order avoid any problems or shipments delays later.


Shipping Label and Additional Labelling
You should also write your name, home address, mobile phone number, and the event you are attending in big bold letters with a permanent marker both directly on the outside AND INSIDE of your shipping container and also on a piece of masking tape on your bicycle frame, both wheels, and every other individually packed item. Do not just put your information on a separate tag or label, just the name of the local bike shop from which you shipped your bicycle, or no identification on your bike itself.

In the event that your shipping label is lost or damaged or the contents of your shipping container spill out in transit, this information will allow the shipping carrier to quickly and easily identify its owner. In addition, this information makes it much easier for the bike shop to easily identify your bicycle and its parts, particularly if they receive many unidentified boxed bicycles with no names or other identifying information.

Cardboard Boxes
If you plan on shipping your bicycle to one location before the start of the event and from a different location after the end of the event (such as point to point, one way events) it is best to use a disposable cardboard bicycle box as your shipping container. They are very inexpensive, easily available at any local bike shop, can easily be discarded or reused by our bike shops after you are done using it. Most bike shops also usually provide one for you for free as part of the disassembly and boxing service fee.

We will not transport any cardboard bicycle boxes during our events because they are so big and bulky and will fall apart as they get handled through the event. In addition, it is unnecessary because most bike shops usually provide one for you for free as part of the disassembly and boxing service fee anyways.

Hard, Reusable Shipping Containers
It is best to only plan on using a hard, reusable bicycle shipping container if you will be shipping your bicycle to and from the same location before and after the event. We strongly prefer that you prearrange to leave it somewhere during the event, such as at the supporting bike shop, our supported hotel, or with friends and family because we prefer not to transport it during the event because it is so big and bulky. If you leave it at our supporting bike shop you also will not have to transport it from the event ending location or supported hotel to the bike shop. We also recommend that you leave your return shipping documents inside it so they do not get lost or destroyed during the event.

We will allow you to transport your hard, reusable bicycle shipping container on our baggage truck during the event if you are absolutely unable to store it anywhere during the event or must take it with you, such as if you plan on shipping your bicycle to one location before the start of the event and from a different location after the end of the event. However it will be your one and only allowable piece of baggage and you must keep all your personal items inside it. In addition, it will be handled as part of our normal baggage delivery service and dropped off and picked up directly at the event ending location, main lodging site, or supported hotel as appropriate.

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We will not pick up or drop off your bicycle and hard, reusable shipping container at any supporting bike shop - it will be your own responsibility to transport them yourself. If you want us to pick up and/or deliver your hard, reusable bicycle shipping container to our supporting bike shop in Chicago you must register for our Chicago Bicycle Shipment Pick Up And Delivery Service.

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  • Click Here for more information about our Chicago Bicycle Shipment Pick Up And Delivery Service.

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